myLG v0.2.5 has been released


myLG v0.2.5 has been released

I’m glad for seeing the different websites reviewing myLG properly and it’s getting the attention. please see the highlighted changes at the new version: 0.2.5 as below:

  • Enhanced hping with trace feature and other new options
  • Quick NMS – SNMP 1/2c/3 support
  • Enhanced and bug fixed real-time trace-route

As Golang 1.7 added the new package called httptrace we integrated it to the hping. now you can see more details including connection and first-byte read times. there are different new options has been added like proxy support, disable compression, enable keep alive and etc.


BTW, I need to say special thanks for enhancing hping to Emil Thelin, he helped me on this part.

Quick NMS is a network monitoring through SNMP to monitor interfaces. it could be server’s interfaces or devices. It supports all the vendors that they implemented standard SNMP like Juniper and Cisco. you can see the interfaces as a report or real-time with 10 seconds refresh time. I think that would be useful during troubleshooting.


The trace-route now supports Geo IP information including the distance between source and destination IP addresses. it supports IPv4/IPv6 ICMP/UDP.

trace route realtime

Other news that happened recently:

The new documentation added :
The RPM package added :

Reviewed by the websites this week:

Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

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