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What is myLG?

My looking glass is an open source software utility which combines the functions of the different network probes in one network diagnostic tool. it written pure Go language and doesn’t wrap other commands.

What platforms are supported?

myLG is supported by all the Linux flavors, Mac OS X, FreeBSD and Windows 10 (Ubuntu bash)
You can download it from Downloads page.

What license does myLG have?

myLG is published under the MIT license, It means essentially that you can use it FREE for non-commercial and commercial use.

Why don’t I see all the traffic I expect w/ dump command?

This might be because the interface it tries to capture is not on a switched network. please try below command to show the device list:

dump option d

Then try to run dump command w/ specify interface name, for example:
local>dump -i en0

How can I change web address / port?

local>set web port port_number
local>set web address ip_address