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myLG and SNMP

Hey Guys,

Developing SNMP features has been started at myLG, the goal of this phase is connecting to any device by SNMP and get proper information in middle of the troubleshooting. already it can be able to show interfaces statistics including essential metrics like traffic, packet per second, error, discard IN/OUT. I would love to get your suggestion in this regard. please let me know here as comment or



mylg v0.2.4 released

New Feature: Real-time trace route IPv4 & IPV6
Enhanced: HTTP Ping and Dump
Bug Fixed: Dig

The real time trace route is similar to MTR (my trace route) but it shows AS number per each hop and the holder (company name). if each hop is balancing between different routers they will be highlighted real time. you can change the display mode to graph and see the RTT history for last hop at your terminal. it support IPv4 and IPv6 networks.